See if the CG-100 procedure is right for you

The CG-100 Intraluminal bypass device

A temporary protective bypass device which is being evaluated as a treatment to determine whether it can reduce the need for a diverting stoma and its related complications. The CG-100 device is designed to avoid contact of the anastomotic site with fecal material during its critical healing period. The study will evaluate whether it can reduce the life-threatening symptoms related to clinical anastomotic leaks.

The CG-100 Clinical study

The CG-100 clinical study is underway at select sites across the U.S.


Colospan Ltd. today announced it has initiated the CLD-075 clinical trial of CG-100 Intraluminal bypass device to evaluate whether it can decrease the Stoma rate in patients undergoing Colorectal surgery at 3 U.S. sites